Free Agents is the 25th season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge. The season is directly subsequent to Rivals II. It will take place in Uruguay, with former cast members from MTV's The Real World, Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat II, and the Spring Break Challenge competing.  The season follows a new format, featuring each contestant competing in either teams, pairs or for themselves, for a share of $350,000 in prize money.


Prior to each challenge, host T. J. Lavin will announce to each contestant as to whether a challenge will be declared as either an individual, pair, or team challenge. For pair and team challenges, T. J. draws names out of a bag — one of each gender, or more for multi-team or pair challenges — that will be designated as captains. For team challenges, the captains will select players that will be split evenly amongst gender. For pair challenges, the captains will either select players of the opposite gender for challenges that are designated as male/female pairs, or the same gender for challenges that are designated as same-gender pairs.

After each challenge, the winning teams/pairs/players are not only safe from elimination, but will also choose one player of each gender to compete in the elimination round. If a challenge is played in a team or pair format, each member of the winning pair/team is safe from elimination. The remaining players will participate in an elimination vote called "The Draw," in which each player will either flip over a "kill card," which has a skeleton symbol, or a blank card. If a player flips over a blank card, that player saves himself/herself from participating in the elimination, however, if a player flips over the "kill card," that player will face the player of the respective gender that was previously voted by the winning team/pair/individual in the elimination. The winning players of each gender return to the game and have a shot at competing for a $350,000 prize, while the losing male and female players are eliminated from the game.

At the end of the season, six players will compete in the final challenge — three of each gender. The first-place finishers win $125,000, second-place wins $35,000 and third-place wins $15,000.


Host: T. J. Lavin

Male contestants
Player Original season Finish
Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio (03) RW: Key West Winner
Johnny Reilly (17) RW: Portland Runner-Up
Zach Nichols (23) RW: San Diego (2011) Third Place
Chris "CT" Tamburello (01) RW: Paris Episode 11
Leroy Garrett (13) RW: Las Vegas (2011) Episode 10/11
Cohutta Grindstaff (15) RW: Sydney Episode 9
Preston Roberson-Charles (07) RW: New Orleans (2010) Episode 8
Jordan Wiseley (25) RW: Portland Episode 7
Brandon Swift (21) RW: St. Thomas Episode 6
Isaac Stout (11) RW: Sydney Episode 5
Brandon Nelson (19) Fresh Meat II Episode 4
Frank Sweeney (05) RW: San Diego (2011) Episode 3
Dustin Zito (27) RW: Las Vegas (2011) Episode 2
Chet Cannon (09) RW: Brooklyn Episode 1
Female contestants
Player Original season Finish
Laurel Stucky (24) Fresh Meat II Winner
Nany González (14) RW: Las Vegas (2011) Runner-Up
Devyn Simone (06) RW: Brooklyn Third Place
Theresa González (08) Fresh Meat II Episode 11
Cara Maria Sorbello (02) Fresh Meat II Episode 10/11
Jessica McCain (16) RW: Portland Episode 9
Aneesa Ferreira (10) RW: Chicago Episode 8
Jonna Mannion (20) RW: Cancun Episode 7
Camila Nakagawa (28) Spring Break Challenge Episode 6
Jasmine Reynaud (12) RW: Cancun Episode 5
LaToya Jackson (18) RW: St. Thomas Episode 4
Nia Moore (26) RW: Portland Episode 3
Emilee Fitzpatrick (22) RW: Cancun Episode 2
Jemmye Carroll (04) RW: New Orleans (2010) Episode 1
Note: For the first time in the show's history, each contestant will have numbers on the backs of their jerseys. Jersey numbers are in parentheses, next to the cast members' names.